The Iefyr

Race Name: Iefyr Cultural Details: The Iefyr are a self sustaining race and rarely rely on any others for help unless desperate times call for desperate measures. They are confident and proud, yet they are kind and will never turn someone away, so while they deny help from others unless they have no choice, they will not turn away any one else needing help. The Iefyr do not celebrate most common holidays and living so secluded from others they know not of anything else that others might celebrate, they however have their own holidays. The first night of summer they hold a large festival in the center of the main village, welcoming in the warmer weather and praying for good fishing and hunting. The gatherings of the Iefyr are eventful, dragging on for days sometimes, as everyone gathers, even those that had venture from their island home to see other countries. During the festival times the Iefyr will dress in elaborate outfits, beads and silk, chiffon and ribbons all with ribbons braided into their hair. Gatherings are usually filled with music and food, everyone mingling and catching up on the part of those that had gone away, it’s is in a sense like a large family reunion. The Iefyr will wear colorful outfits, befitting the weather of their island, and perform many dances and hold contests. The Iefyr live off the land and what is provided to them, aside from fishing and hunting they have also learned to grow their own crops. Hunting, Fishing and farming would become large in trade with the Iefyr through the years. Most Common Place of Residence: The Iefyr primarily are found on the larger island of Xenevir, away from New Xenevia. Proficiencies: The Iefyr excel mostly in hunting and fishing, as well as building. Deficiencies: The Iefyr, while able to wield some form of magic, are not the greatest at it as they rely mostly on physical strength than magic. This is not to say they cannot use it however, as there have been a few to focus solely on the magic aspect of themselves instead. But it is very few and far between. Description of Race Appearance: The Iefyr are all different, hair colors range from the darkest of black to the lightest of blonde border lining white almost. The women of the Iefyr are shorter then the males, their body sizes varying from petite and thin to curvy. The male Iefyr are tall, and muscular thanks to the way they live. The ears of the Iefyr are pointed like an average elf ear, and white intricate tattoos line their bodies, each Iefyr gaining a tattoo at their coming of age, the children however will have their tattoos painted on their body until they are old enough. Eye color for the Iefyr also varies widely. They are the closest in resemblance humans in concerns of hair and eye color. In terms of skin color, the Iefyr are typically various shades of tanned skin, from a light tan to a dark tan. This is the result of their constant work in the heat. Race History: When the final labor of Netharious came and the first mortals were born, the flourish of other races coming into being the Iefyr found themselves born upon what would become the larger island of Xenevir, uncertain and unsure of where they were it took many days for them to come to an understanding of their world and how things worked. The first of the Iefyr banded together, through a slow working process they created the first village, learning the trade of fishing, though it wasn’t until much later on that they would take up hunting the wild life found upon the island to provide more meat. As time went on they continued to grow, they were evolving and learning more until the first village, Folmar was large and grand. While some of the homes of the Iefyr were on the ground there were also homes built up in the trees creating and elaborate network and becoming one of the more beautiful sites upon the island aside from the nature itself. Somehow, the Iefyr remained untouched during the crisis that was the first war. When the world was split by Nocterra, they thought they had angered the entities, and retreated to a secluded life. Over the course of many years however, some of the Iefyr grew curious as to what lay outside of their island, especially after receiving outside visitors that were just as curious as they were. So having constructed boats a few ventured off with enough food and water to last them. The journey was a success, years later the first Iefyr to set out come back with grand stories they told, and thus the Iefyr opened their shores for trade amongst the other continents and welcomed new visitors so long as they were not hostile and did not wish ill harm towards the Iefyr. Mating Habits: the Iefyr were once polygamous as a species. A male Iefyr would take on at least one other wife. This tradition has died down some as the race grew, and the Iefyr have become more monogamous in the latter years though poly is still practiced and welcomed among the race. There is no specific mating season for the Iefyr, mating for them is as much as every day thing as fishing and hunting as they often have high libidos. The way the Iefyr acquire their mates is the same any other mortal would, a physical attraction as well as a mental one. Marriage is also a part of the Iefyr, the celebrations lavish and grand. Familial Habits: The Iefyr are big on their families, it is everything to them and so they often will teach their children from a young age how they work in every day life. The children will focus primarily on gathering berries and nuts until they are older to handle more strenuous activities. They mothers and fathers always participate with them, guiding them with a firm but gentle hand and correcting any mistakes they have made. Societal Habits: During the beginning years the Iefyr were cut off from the rest of the world, so they were primarily loners from the beginning with only their own race for comfort. Once trade opened up and more visitors came they flourished in a bustling society, laws that were put into place in the beginning continue out to ensure the stability and growth of the race. When it comes to mating it is noted that it happens as much as every day if the need arises, however tournaments of fighting are a rare thing among this race. They are held once a year, any race are welcome to join and the fights are not to the death. A KO determines the winner of the fight and they will go through several tiers until they face the champion from the previous year. Dietary Habits: The Iefyr are hunters and fishers, eating meat at every turn though they also grown their own food, surviving off the vegetables grown from the rich soil in which they live upon. Credit for this race goes to: Khaya