Heroic Figures / Application

Heroic Figures... Not to be confused with Durantal's title for great warriors, Heroic Champions, are characters whose heroism, and ability put them well above normal character. Heroic figures are characters that are born with an innate talent that normal characters are not born with. They can simultaneously master multiple abilities, and are gifted with superior physical and mental capabilities. A good way to look at this would be to say that if one normal character is born with a superb talent for learning, a Heroic Figure would be born with a superb talent for learning, but also superb talents in combat, and in physical strength as well, while being above average in other traits. The best way to describe them in one word is that all Heroic Figures are genius level talents within the universe of Astridoth. It should be noted that these characters are still in early staged of testing within the universe, so any Heroic Figures might be subject to change at a later date. There are a few rules to consider when applying to create a Heroic Figure. - Only experienced Role Players may take on the role of a Heroic Figure - Only Role Players who have spent time in Astridoth prior to applying can take on the role of Heroic Figure - Only one Heroic Figure is allowed per person save for the universe moderators - Heroic Figure applications may only be sent to the writer of this article, and only she may approve them (though she might convene with other moderators) - If one is to create a Heroic Figure, they M U S T have their character fleshed out. This means a backstory, personality traits, information on the character's appearances etc etc. - Denied Heroic Figure applications are denied for a reason. Do not complain if you are denied, simply inquire the reasons and try again at a later date. Application 1. How long have you been role playing? 2. What is your experience as a writer for other universes? 3. How long have you been in Astridoth / do you have any active role plays within the confines of the universe? 4. Are you willing to commit your character to being a driving force during some story-line events? 5. At any time, a Heroic Figure may die. By no means will we ask you to delete your character, but should they be marked to die for the sake of an event storyline, would you be willing to comply? 6. Please show us what details you have come up with for your heroic figure including but not limited to: Backstory(This includes country of origin), Allegiances, Skills, Personality Traits, Appearance information. Applicants should expect a reply within a week of their request depending on what day the send it in. This application is subject to change, as it is just a Beta testing form.