Defending Recolor Edits

Something i need to get off my chest I started learning to edit with GIMP back in 2012. It wasn't until 2013 that i'd meet recolored OCs back when Aniroleplay was new. Instead of insulting them for giving existing characters different color schemes i developed good stories with them. In other words i kept an open mind when a handful of recolored OCs added me. I tried my hand at recoloring but holy shit... it was a mess. Fortunately it was around 2014 that i would get the hang of it making better looking recolors and such. You know what bugs me? When people judge and generalize original RP characters just because they're recolors. Every now and then we see recolored characters get rejected and outright insulted with people saying "Omg its a shitty recolor lern 2 draw faggot" Years ago I actually USED to draw my own original characters but i could never get better. It didn't matter how hard i tried my drawings would always turn out the same so i just gave up and didn't bother with it anymore. After i graduated I wanted to go to art college and start from scratch learning the basics until i level up to the hard stuff but i never got in because of financial struggles. If my drawing skills weren't shit, maybe i wouldn't be stuck having to make recolor edits to represent an original/custom character (I'm sure those of you who also edit have the same dilemma) Sometimes i do use unedited pictures of characters to represent a custom one but not with Adena for example because i can't find a faceclaim with all the right properties to resemble the actual character (Dark skin, green eyes and a red color scheme are important elements for that character's appearance) I don't have the money to pay artists to draw my characters (Commissions on deviantart for example) and i don't beg people to do stuff for me so how the hell else am i supposed to represent a character like Adena and my other custom made muses? Don't judge a book by it's cover. Whatever custom character you come across may be a recolor but it's the creativity, Roleplaying/Writing skills of the person who made said character that counts. Yeah there ARE a good handful of customs that are in fact badly recolored, illiterate and poorly written like some people in the DBZ, Sonic, Naruto and My Little Pony fandoms but still. Don't generalize recolors as a whole just because of bad apples in the tree.