An Unfriendly Reminder

That face, that familiar face of terror, that had once stared down at his small, frail, and broken body. Cody was just a child back then, everyone scorned and hated him, always willing to beat him until he was on the ground crying for mercy. The person, that face belonged to, watched as two guards began to beat him to a bloody pulp. He/She was also only a child. Despite Cody's terror back then, he did not wish for them to try to save him. He actually wished that they would have just ran off, instead of watching the gruesome scene before them. The horrible memory soon faded from Cody's thoughts as he was now staring at that same terrified face, but this time for a different reason. This time the terror was directed towards him, of the power he held now, of what he could do to them with that power. They were afraid that Cody hated him/her for not helping him at that time, but Cody didn't hold them responsible for the pain that was caused. They did not inflict the damaging blows that left him there helpless back then. He was actually worried that the scene had warped their minds, and destroyed their childish innocence. As he/she continued to stare, the more uncomfortable Cody began to feel. Cody slowly approached them, careful not to startle them. Once directly in front of them he asked calmly, "excuse me, are you okay?" -This is a possible starter and also a sample of my writing. this is for my character Cody. If this idea interests you feel free to message me.