✨Villain x Superhero Starter✨

(If you wish to respond to this starter in a thread, please read over Witch's page first. Especially, the pairing this scene pertains to. Enjoy! C:) Bitter nostalgia filled her being when she laid eyes on a good portion of the city in flames. It was as though nothing had changed since her departure but instead had gotten worse. Only this time, it had nothing to do with her being there. A weak smile twitched at the corner of her full shapely lips, only to be quickly flattened by a cautious glance from the driver through the rearview mirror. A sheet of glass and steel bars seperated them though considering her ability was along a mental power set, she wore a rather laughable neutralizing cuff on her wrist. It was chrome, scuffed from years of wear. Occasionally, it blinked a green light that flashed the color about the dark interior of the car and cast eerie shadows over her stone expression. Sirens sounded distantly before a couple of blurred police vehicles rushed past. The driver stirred before diving into another lecture about her objective. She was no longer a liability to some grand scheme. Considering recent events, she was repurposed. Polished up with fancy equipment and uniform like she was never once a criminal. Dark hazel eyes shifted down towards her issued gear. Slender legs encased in intricate metal, gears fastened on each side of her knees serving as joints. Combat wear or high tech leg braces. Whichever way you wanted to coin them. Her torso was designed around the same concept with a harness spanning the width of her shoulders and extending down both arms. It included a mechanical skeleton of her hands to help guide movements when she lacked the ability to do so. The entirety of it was hidden under clothing, with the exception being her partially robotic hands poking out of the sleeves of a black leather jacket. Regardless, it made her mobile while using her power set so she couldn't complain much about her new appendages. Without it, she would be limited to attacking the nervous system of others comfortably from a chair. The car jolted forward upon braking and by assumption she had gathered that they had arrived at their destination. Thankfully, the driver was intelligent enough to not drop her off in the core of the chaos. Though really, it takes a special kind of person to tote around someone of her breed so upon further thought, it wasn't surprising at all. Wordlessly, she offered her cuffed wrist through a newly opened slot in the window. She felt the tug long before the cuff hit the seat and rolled into the floor with one final green flash. Her wrist went limp and her body quickly followed suite. Her head had fallen down towards the floor but through a curtain of platinum hair she saw the driver struggling. His body twitched, his mouth agape, and the only sound his throat allowed him to make was strangled gurgling. For years, her ability was neutralized. Once unleashed again, it lashed out quicker than she could grasp onto. At least the guy knew to fight it though. Kudos to whoever warned him. It took her a moment to strip the tethers away from his nervous system. A slow internal crawling that started as a tingling in her fingers and swept up her arms. Once she regained feeling in her legs, the driver sat up straight and waved her out with a flick of his hand. Glass crunched under her boot as she exited and as the door closed, the driver sped away leaving her on the empty already ransacked section of the street. She moved along casually unbothered and unnoticed until she arrived at the center of the distress.