The Rose and The Vampire - A Starter

The last of the bodies hit the ground in a thud, and the subtle splash of blood hit the nearby stone wall as the sword swung very slightly to her right. She looked ahead, her red eyes piercing into the dimness of the night as the moon was starting to rise over her left. She didn’t see it at that moment. She would understand later of course, that the moon was as red as the blood she had split and its gaze was on her again in its wave once more. If she had seen the moon or the ravens that were forming above her in their line, she might have done something differently. She missed it all, and walked instead through what remained of the main gate and the guards whom she had cut down. “Knock knock” the voice above her said and she looked to see. Once again he was there, and once again she wasn’t surprised. “Milady, you are most vexing.” He sighed some and stared at her. She nodded, as if that was all she really could do. What does one say to a villain that they have fought for 4 generations in a land of zombies and monsters? She wasn’t as poetic as her father, she hadn’t worked out a line yet. Maybe she would one of these trips back, she was certain she’d be back again someday. “Is this the part my dear where you climb up the steps, fight all my men, cut them all down, get up this parapet, fight me, and then vanish once more for another several years only to show back up to do this again?” he asked dryly through long white sharp teeth. His long white hair, and sickly pale face began to grow a reddish pink in the moonlight as the moon rose higher. It was at that moment she looked at her left and saw it. She sighed. It seemed to be history repeating itself again. She could do what he said, she could climb up all 415 stairs that she had counted the last time, kill all the men in his garrison as she had several times before, attack him, and in the middle of the fight the Tsukuyuomi would activate and suck her back into the void only to put her in another world again. That part was going to happen regardless, the crows cawing was evidence of it. Itachi apparently was growing bored of her being here again. Maybe he wanted her to do something different, or maybe he just never wanted her to beat this vampire he always set her against. Shinrin moved her ANBU mask up on her head instead and wiped her face from the sweat the clung to it. She set her sword into the sheath at her back, and then cracked her neck. Evidently, the movement paused the Vampire as he straightened up and stared at her. “What are you doing?” he demanded and gave her a very confused look “I have decided to be different tonight. I am not climbing up your crumbling stairs again” she called out. “I am not cutting down your guards, I am not fighting you this time." she explained and pointed at the moon. "You see it's time and his moon has risen the Raven’s call has come, and I am not long meant for this realm.” She said and stretched some. She looked up at the pale face, long teeth, long white hair, sickly long hands and long fingernails that were almost clawing at her from above. “I will say this though” Shinrin said finally. “If Itachi ever gives me a chance to finally get my way and finally cut you down, I am starting with the nails. How a man can ever do anything with nails that long is confusing to me. I have wondered this every time I have come to this dark land and saw your portraits. Your people may fear you, but I pity you. Nails that long cannot be anything other than a curse.” She said and then she turned away. “GET BACK HERE!” he snarled at her as the tiny ANBU, with her long black and red hair walked away, her cape tattered from her fight swayed slightly at her neck and she exited out of his courtyard. She made her way toward the main fountain she had spent 3 hours clearing out earlier from zombies and guards, and giant wolves. “No” she said feeling useless again. The night sky answered her and opened up and as it did, she was pulled into the moon from the Tsukuyomi of the Sharringan, and into a vault of darkness surrounded by mirrors and the sound of water dripping. Once again, Shinrin Bara was trapped in the eternal prison that was Itachi’s realm. She would be here probably until the end of time. She took a small book out of a pocket and began to write. She was keeping a journal of her adventures and this marked her 12th time facing the same Vampire count and his land. 4 generations had gone by. She always arrived at the same field, there always was zombies and there always was resistance fighters, though lately fewer and fewer in number. She wrote this down and she sighed again as she had realized she watched a young man, become an old man and have children and grandchildren in the time of these jumps that Itachi had been sending her on. “Oh Itachi” she whispered and shut the book. “Will you ever forgive me?” she asked the nothingness of the void, and as always it never answered her. She wondered where she actually was in the universe, because this was just a trap for her mind and she knew it, a Genjutsu she would never be free of and all because she was following orders and looked into his eyes that one day. The room began to shake again. “What now my friend?” she asked as she put the book in her pocket. “Gummy bears that eat people? More vampires? Perhaps a small island of snow standing on a sea of lava? What do you have planned Itachi? What dream do I fall into next?” she wondered aloud as the floor broke open and she began to fall. Wherever she was going she was sure it was going to be some kind of adventure. She wasn’t sure how long she would be there, she wasn’t sure how long she would stay either, but she was sure it was going to be something new. She just hoped she kept her mind to herself and didn’t go mad. “Virtues” she mumbled. “Save me as always you have.”and with that she vanished. @~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~@~~~~~~~~~~~~@ OOC: This is Shinrin Bara, Konoha's Rose, and in general most of my RP comes from Crossovers. I have RP'd Shin with the following Genre's successfully: Star Wars Star Trek The Walking Dead Shrek Disney Princess Story-lines (She was Mulan's valet, and worked for Belle as a library assistant) Vampire the Masquerade One Piece Inuyasha Currently she's in a storyline that has been going for 3+ years that's been just a crossover and has been a very rewarding and enriching RP. I can adapt her to basically anything, I just need to work out details with you. If you are interested in an RP that has a naive but interesting ninja type who makes roses, smells always of roses and has some interesting things to say on life, Shinrin is your ninja. This also is a very virtuous character by nature and wouldn't know immoral behavior if it bit her. If that ever happened in a story, it would take a lot of writing to get to that point, so if you are looking for a booty-call this isn't the character. Also if you are interested in an Naruto RP that is great also, but understand this character has a very rigid timeline due to her circumstances. Please hit me up in message for ideas and story. I'm interested in Novella mostly, and I'm also looking for average writing competency. By no means am I a writing elitist, so if you are not either, we should be good friends. If you are interested please hit me up. I also tend to use a dice rolling system based off of D&D to ensure I'm not playing her in anything near overpowered as Naruto Power sets can get very insane sometimes.