Upcoming Universe

Canis Majoris : The central hub to the largest known galaxy, also the largest Hypergiant planet. Simply put the planet's name is taken from the real star also known as Canis Majoris; so massive, to put into perspective, it would take 5000 lightyears to circle it once. -More info soon- Will more then likely get into a soon developing universe "Canis Majoris" along with Wolf/Technologic. Looking for any cybernetic or simply sci if types for the "leadership" to include androids cyborgs/mechanically augmented humans. Main types of beings accepted for the up coming universe is widely open to all but god/transcendent-All knowing types and those possessing near "broken" abilities. //Examples: Universe/Planet "Busters" Although this isn't to exclude elementals or magical beings. The point is to allow powerful but, not broken as DELTA will be powerful but not broken. Further information on "Canis Majoris" will come about as this is only day one of the per se project coming forth towards the new universe. At the moment this is just yonsee who would be interested in the slight layout and idea of the universe and who would consider joining. Any further questions just contact me DELTA.