Harvest and Trustee: Stealth

You've spent weeks preparing for this. You don't even know why, but you did. It's not even good money: and easy heist, low risk, and a mediocre haul of funding. It's whatever, though. You don't do this for the money, do you? No... you do it for the fun. You hop in the back of the van you know all too well. Usually, you'd be taking three other members of the crew with you. Not this time, though. Because of the lack of risk and the easy steal, you're going quiet and only taking one other person: Hoxton. Bain bombards your ear with idle chatter that you've already gone over time and time again. "Yeah, yeah, we've got it already, wanker, just get on with it." The brit sitting directly in front of you remarks into his earpiece rudely. Nothing out of the ordinary, though. He was still sour about the whole 'getting arrested' thing, and you were okay with it. Let's face it: you'd be pretty mad too if your three buddies escaped without you and replaced you whilst you rotted in a maximum security cell. The van starts, the safehouse garage closing behind you. It's following the traffic laws for now, as it doesn't want to attract any unnecessary attention on the way to the score... if you could even call it that. Soon enough, it parks in an alley, and Hoxton makes sure his pistols are loaded one last time before hiding them on the interior of his suit and putting the mask on his belt loop. "Oi, let's get going. I want to get the easy shit over with and go home so we can do something fun, yeah?" You can't blame him for wanting to get out of there as you hop out of the van and approach the building's back parking lot. (I'm looking for someone with knowledge of the Payday games to roleplay with me. I'll be playing as Hoxton, and you can play any character you so choose as long as it isn't one of the promo characters (Bodhi, Jacket, Scarface, John Wick) or can't speak english (Jiro). If you want this to develop into a romance at some point, you'll have to play a female heister. Hoxton doesn't swing that way. For more information, message me here: http://www.roleplayersguild.com/Character/?id=28098)