The Order of the Chimera

You were the first to return after winter holiday. Though the first day or two would be a bit lonely in the empty halls, it gave you time to think, explore, and maybe do some spring cleaning while you were at it. However, thinking quickly became boring and rather difficult with Moaning Myrtle having one of her fits again, and after an hour exploring became nigh impossible without Peeves experimenting on you with every trick he could find up his translucent sleeves. Finally, there was spring cleaning. As much of a pain it was, it was a necessary evil. You had to charm the lock to even get your trunk to close on the way over. As soon as the word ‘Alohomora’ flowed from your lips the chest burst open, scattering papers and clothes everywhere. If you didn’t have enough spring cleaning before you certainly did now. You noticed your very first Hogwarts letter among the clutter, yet there was something different that you couldn’t quite place. You picked it up and ran your thumb over the wax seal. That was it! The seal was, well… sealed. Odd, considering that you had to have opened the letter to be here in the first place. A feeling of intrigue with a pinch of nervousness washed over you that might remind you of the very first time you opened it as you broke the wax seal once more. As soon as your fingers pried open the seal, it triggered an Excieo charm and summoned another letter. "Fellow Students, As you may have heard, we have a new threat in our midst. With the escape of Delphini, daughter of Voldemort, from Azkaban, we are all in danger as she seeks out to finish what her father died trying to do. It is also well-known that we all share a certain degree of grief and loss from the events of her predecessor. We all share the loss of family, family friends, and even teachers from the Battle of Hogwarts on both sides. This has seemingly divided us within our houses, and as a great Muggle once said: A house divided cannot stand. If we are to survive a second attack we need to band together. No longer will we be segregated as only Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and Slytherins, but as one in the Order of the Chimera. Like the Chimera, we will become dangerous in our unity with the courage of Gryffindors, the love of Hufflepuffs, the wisdom of Ravenclaws, and the cunning of Slytherins. If you are with us, meet us in the Room of Requirement. Good luck, Alice Scamander, Druella Lestrange, and Achelios P.S. Upon breaking the seal you released a binding jinx. If you even entertain the thought of telling someone or betraying, you will meet the joy of Langlock Impedimentia. With that I bid you farewell. Incendio!" Sure enough, the letter burst into harmless flames and crumbled into ash. Like the black dust, your fate was in your hands. ~ Author's Note: This is an introduction to The Order of the Chimera, a Second Gen Harry Potter roleplay. To join, please fill in necessary fields in this ( and submit to either Alice Scamander or Druella Lestrange. We will accept anyone, but are in need of Hufflepuffs.