My World of Corruption (part 1)

Darkness I remember that I was outside with my twin brother Riley and our mother. Then suddenly everything went black felt my chest tighten at the sound of a terrified scream. 'Riley? Mother?' I thought, fear took over my mind as I began to think the worse. The darkness began to fade as my mind returned to reality. My bright red eyes widened at the sight before me. Blood Blood was everywhere. It was splattered on my face and coated my right hand. A puddle of blood surrounded a dead body that laid in front of me. "No." My face went blank, tears forming in the corners of my eyes. "This can't be happening," I whispered as I stared in horror at my mother's bloody corpse. "Why?" I jumped at the sound of someone's voice. I turned my head to see who it was. "Riley?" I said, staring into my brother's red eyes. They were full of fear and had a hint of anger in them. "Why did you kill her Cody?!" he shouted. My eyes widened at my brother's words, a quiet sob escaped my lips. "What?" I heard myself say. 'I killed her?' I thought as I looked down at my right hand, that was covered in blood. I began to sob uncontrollably, the realization of what had happened overwhelmed me. I lost control. I became disgusted with myself. I hated myself, because I couldn't control the monster that lived within me. That monster, that had taken over my arm and killed my mother. Pain I was too distracted by my thoughts, that I hadn't noticed someone approached me. I felt a hand grab me by my pure white hair harshly. The cruel hand then lifted me from the ground. I could feel the short strands of white hair being ripped out of my head. The hand pulled me up to where I could see my father's rage filled face. I tried to tell how sorry I was for what I did, but before I could a pained shriek escaped my lips as I was thrown to the ground. I began to slowly lose consciousness as the events that had occurred drained me of all of my energy. More darkness I could feel my body being lifted from the ground, then being carried away to somewhere else. After a while of being carried I heard a door creak open and I felt my body being thrown. I let out a gasp when I hit the floor. If I was conscious, I would have jumped at the sound of the door slamming shut. Silence There was nothing but silence as time passed. After a while, I was able to regain consciousness, but before I could register what happened, the door swung open revealing a guard. The guard yanked me up onto my feet by my arm and dragged me out of the room. The guard dragged me through the hallway, until he stopped at a door. I knew where this door lead to. It was the throne room. -This is a part of a story that I wrote about my character Cody It's really just his history, but written in a more story like format.