Little Bitty Starter!

(For anyone interested in a little casual rp: It was just another day for the wolf anthro known as J.B. to many, the man turned monster was up to what he did best, working out at the local gym, though of course he had a lot of eyes on him, but not because he was benching a ton and a half with ten reps. No, it was because of how he looked. Many local humans were....use to how J.B. looked now, even though he was an 8'3" tall, golden furred, wall of muscle. Though some of the eyes on him were of fear as well, J.B. could sense this ever sense he turned so long ago, yet he was use to it. I mean, anyone would be afraid of a giant wolf guy who worked out like him. Though the reason he was at this mostly human gym was because he was a fitness trainer.. Usually the guys wanting the ultimate work out would come and higher J.B. to beef em up! From wrestlers to even actors, he was known for getting the job done. Other than that though, his life was......'interesting', to say the least, it wasn't like he had any other hobbies, or many friends for that matter. Not many like him were around town, and things could get a little lonely at times. Maybe today, after his workout, something new would happen. Maybe a new face to meet? Who knows!