The Hero of Fereldon

The Architect, an intelligent darkspawn, found the Old God, Urthemiel, and attempted to convert it into a disciple, hoping in doing so to unravel the darkspawn's compulsion to seek out the Old Gods at its source. The experiment went terribly wrong however, and Urthemiel was instead tainted and transformed into an Archdemon. With an Archdemon, to lead and rally them, the darkspawn began massing into a substantial military force, to raid across the land. This led to the beginning of what would later be called the Fifth Blight. The lands of southern Ferelden became the focal point of the darkspawn's surface invasion after the emergance from underground. The horde came from the Deep Roads into the forests of the Korcari Wilds. Whether by coincidence or design, Ferelden was an ideal target for the darkspawn. The nation was weakened from having driven the occupying Orlesians from its borders three decades prior. More importantly, the Grey Wardens had only recently been permitted to re-enter Ferelden, after their exile from their home, and their numbers were few. The Grey Wardens have long been entrusted with the task of slaying Archdemons during the Blights. With so few present in Ferelden, the Warden-Commander, Duncan, undertook a search for new recruits. Prior to the first major engagement at Ostagar, Grey Warden candidates were searched for in Denerim, Redcliffe, Highever, Orzammar, the Circle of Magi, and the Brecilian Forest. The Fereldan Grey Wardens were to be reinforced by 200 or so Grey Wardens sent from Orlais. These Orlesian Grey Wardens, however, were prevented from entering Ferelden by Loghain, unknown at the time of the battle for Ostagar. The army of Ferelden assembled at Ostagar under the command of King Cailan in an attempt to break the darkspawn horde. A plan was made in which the King's army would draw the darkspawn horde into a skirmish. Hoping to end the encroaching armies advance upon Thedas. As the newest recruit, to the Grey Wardens, Duncan orders you to locate Alistair with the camp at Ostagar. Alastair was in the northern section of the camp. On a mission, from the Revered Mother, to deliver a message to the mages gathered at Ostagar to assist in the coming battle. Most would think Alastair was pestering the poor mage. Using sarcastic banter to annoy the man he was delivering his message to. The Revered Mother was the religious leader of the Chantry. A follower of the faith. Believing in the Maker. Alistair was trained to be a Templar, but never took his vows, before he joining the Grey Warden's cause. If you decide to ask him any questions, before reporting back to Duncan, he will give you some basic information about the Grey Wardens, The Joining, and the coming tasks. Prior to the Battle of Ostagar starting, the Grey Warden Joining candidates, including you, must venture into the Korcari Wilds, with Alistair, to retrieve ancient treaties as part of the preparations for their initiation. The long-standing treaties compel the Dalish elves, the Circle mages, and the Orzammar dwarves to aid the Grey Wardens during a Blight. Will you be able to unite the lands, with Alistair, to stop the blight or will it consume the land? *This is a starter for Alistair from Dragon Age Origins but I also have the bard, Leliana from the same game. With a little more added detail to this I can make this article work for her if you chose that route instead. Alistair - Leliana - ~Added for those choosing Leliana **The Battle of Ostagar proved to be a critical point in the war. The King, the Grey Wardens, and the Fereldan army were betrayed and left to die by Teyrn Loghain Mac Tir during a major darkspawn assault on the fortress. Loghain fled the battlefield with his forces and returned to the capital, where he usurped the throne, refused entry at the border to the Orlesian Grey Warden reinforcements, and sparked the Fereldan Civil War. With Ostagar overrun, the horde were free to enter Ferelden proper. Alistair and the Warden retained the treaties and acted independently to deliver them after the disastrous battle at Ostagar. The long-standing treaties compelled the Dalish elves, the Circle mages, and the Orzammar dwarves to aid the Grey Wardens during a Blight. Heading into the small village of Lothering, after leaving the Korcari Wilds with Morrigan, daughter of Flemeth, a witch of the wilds. An encounter with a certain lay sister, of the Chantry, awaits you if you visit the bar. It could be considered a blessing of the Maker.