On My Crew.

Characters: Captain Norres (Main), Marra (Main) and Scotty (Support). As well as two unnamed men know as "Suits" Scotty stood behind them, out of breath, one hand pressed on his thigh, his body hunched over trying to take in as much oxygen as possible. In his other hand he waved a long poll like object with a mechanical part on the end of it. "Captain...I got the Catalyst..." He stopped between words, gasping for air. Scotty was in reasonably good shape so he must have had to get around a lot of suits to get there. "I saw those men in the black suits, they docked about 20 minutes ago. In a fed ship. I figured I’d get the part for you and tell you to head back. But the coms are down; anyway we are here now, we ca-" A high pitch but almost silent ping came from behind Scotty, it rang hollow and low. A sound the Captain was all too familiar with. Time felt like it had come to a slowing stop, Scotty's face drained of all colour, a final shuddering breath crumbled from his already pale lips as his legs and old knees began to creak and give out. His hands fell to his side, the Catalyst still tightly grasped in them as his body toppled to the floor. Three thuds... Knees... Body... Head... And then dead. Scotty's body was still moving from the final impact with the ground, but the Captain already had is pistol out drawn and squeezing the trigger with one hand, the other pushing firmly on Marra's chest. Her feet left the ground about the same time as the Captains second bullet left the chamber. It was here that time fell back into place and two men in black suits stood a few feet behind Scotty's body with arms out stretched, weapons already hot and bullets mid flight. All traced on Norres. "Marra stay down!" The Captain got off a few shots before blood flew out the back of his shoulder. He barely flinched and kept his pistol ringing out shells. Then the second blood trail came from his upper thigh. Not so much a flinch but a backwards topple he had lunged into, all the while his weapon hot and spewing metal. Even on the ground Norres kept firing until every last bullet was spent and the empty shell casings littered the blood drenched floor, his face pained and angry, tears in his eyes but even with nothing happening he kept pulling that lifeless trigger at the two now barely existing suits, bullets had torn their bodies into chunks and pulp on the dull metal walls. Norres threw his gun to the side and began dragging himself over to Scotty's pale corps, grunts and muffled screams faintly escaping his iron clamped lips all the while leaving snail like trail of blood in his wake.