Road Trip

It was the start of the summer when four friends decided that they need to have some fun and do something. They didn't want to waste their summer by going to stupid parties or just plainly sitting at home. One of the friends came up with the idea that all of them should travel around the country, they all should go on the roadtrip. Nobody disagreed and soon they created a plan, got a working car, bought some food and grabbed bunch of the money which they saved trough the years. After a three days of planning four friends sat in the car, turned on music loudly, letting it blast trough the speakers as they sang, leaving the boring town behind. | So, I don't know. This seemed pretty simple and cute roleplay. If someone is intersted then be sure to send me a message :) | note: You would not only be playing as your character but as well as one of the friends too. Since I am looking a guy for this roleplay to be the main one, my character will be a girl and then will be two friends left, one more guy and girl, so you will be able to choose one of them and create a personality for it.