Exploring the Unknown

Selene, a woman surrounded by mystery. Her family and origins being unknown to everyone, even to herself. Now, the intelligent and deceitful Selene, of course would never tell anyone about her cluelessness about her past. She just plays it off as if it was some scary secret that she didn't want anyone to know about. She has however tried to explore this mystery about her life, but ended up unsuccessful in the process. Every book and document she read through never gave her the information that she needed, she even tore through libraries in attempt to find something that could give her some sort of clue. To no avail, she still couldn't find anything. Selene had thought about talking to those who were older and wiser than she was, but her pride kept her from doing so. Now reaching over one hundred years in her life, but still young in demon years, she has grown impatient and eager to know more about her past. The confusion and curiosity tearing at her, wanting her to discover the unknown in her life, but she might not be able to figure it out on her own. Even with her knowledge, she might need another person's thoughts and knowledge to help guide her through this mystery. Now it's whether she will ask for someone's help or continue through life with this mystery hanging over her head. -Another starter, this is for my character Selene http://www.roleplayersguild.com/Character/?id=23579 Feel free to message me if you're interested in this idea or if you have any questions.