Adena Facts/Headcanons (Incomplete)

Headcanons: Adena LOVES cats. Especially Persians, Scottish folds, British shorthairs and Calico breeds. Her favorite cartoon is Krazy Buttkickin' Kung Fu Frogs. (Obvious Ninja Turtles reference. Can't use the turtles because of copyight issues lol) Her favorite soda is Moon Dew (Mountain Dew because i can't use product placement in my stories) she loves lemon lime soda more than the cherry, cola and orange variety. Adena trains A LOT. Well not to the extent of Saitama or at least. 300 crunches a day, 50 pushups a day, Cardio for an hour and Jogging for 30 minutes keeps her in shape. Her universe is bigger in scope due to her and the valkyrie Esther existing in the same time period albeit galaxies apart from each other. Esther comes from a galaxy based on Norse mythology from the 9 worlds of Yggdrassil to the gods like Odin and Loki. She has a weakness for blondes. Her romantic interest is Leona Fillmore (who becomes a queen and lives 1000 years to exist in her timeline) Both characters are mine but here's the thing: I don't ship my OCs with canon characters in legit storylines. If i ever paired Adena up with someone like Esdeath or Zelda it would be NON canon. This is due to most people finding OC/Canon shippings to be taboo and i don't want readers to give me flack for it. She's a drinker but Adena's preferred type of alcohol is Cider. Cherry-limeade is the best flavor! Adena hates math. (Adena's author hates math too!) Facts: Adena and her now predecessor Jegudiel Mathis were originally the same character, but became separate entities because the gender switch thing (Like Robin/Corrin from Fire Emblem) didn't sit with me. Both characters are dark skinned with a red/black color scheme along with using the same weapon (Hellbringer) but their fighting styles and movesets are different. Her LEVEL 3 SUPER is a reference to Kenshiro's Hundred Crack Fist. This is because i'm a big fan of Fist of the North Star. *Ken: "ATATATATATATATA...WATTAH!" Jotaro: "ORAORAORAORAORAORAORA!" Dio: "MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA!" Adena: "Akekekekekekekekeke...KYAH!"* In retrospect she truly falls in line with Shoto characters in fighting games. (The basic all rounder/balanced characters like Ryu, Ken, Morrigan, Sol Badguy, Ragna, Jago, etc) Crimson Wheel is her Hadouken (Fireball) Burning Upper is her Shoryuken (Dragon Punch) Blazing Typhoon is her Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Whirlwind Kick) But the additional moves makes her stand out. Meteor Edge is a charge move (Like Guile's Sonic Boom) Bakuenken is a Rekka (Moves that require different motions in between like Marth/Lucina's Dancing Blade. Kyo Kusanagi and Fei Long have Rekka styled moves too.) Her Counter works the same as the Fire Emblem characters in Smash.