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Full Name: Kara

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Universe(s): Human Salvation

Name: Kara
Nicknames: Bitch
Occupation: Pirate - Vek Captain
Date of birth: 3i 9e 2185h
Place of birth: A small mining colony at the 13th degree, approximately 61,000 light years from Earth, in the Scutum-Centaurus Arm of the Milky Way.
Current residence: Travelling
IQ: 120

Left or Right-Hand: Right
Hair color: Red
Eye colors: Red
Height: 5'5
Weight: approx. 120
Scars: Many scars, all treated to being unnoticeable thanks to medical and cosmetic technology
Tattoos: Eyes have been changed to appear red
Birthmarks: None
Race: Human caucasian

Brother(S): Karal
Child: None
Other family: Her crew

Traits: Cold, manipulative, focused, determined, strategic, intelligent, unstable, violent.
Disorders: PTSD
Addictions: None
Likes: Winning, family, toying with people's emotions
Dislikes: People (aside from brother and crew)
Quirks: Athletic and slender body, desirable as an ally.
Fears: Losing, losing people close to her

Sexual orientation: Open to experiment
Relationship status: Single
Past relationship(S): None
Pets: None
Has she ever had sex?: Yes
Has she ever kissed someone?: Yes
Have she ever been in love?: No
Ever jealous?: Yes

What does she consider her greatest achievement?: Taking over the Kir'Ra-shi
What is her greatest regret?: Letting others control her
Does she have a criminal record of any kind?: Repeated accounts of terrorism, murder, treason
What is her best memory?: Killing a man who stole her pudding
What is her worst memory?: Her time as a miner
When was the time she was the most frightened?: Just before leaving her colony
What is the most evil thing she have ever done?: dropped multiple highly explosive payloads into the atmosphere of a highly populated planet.

Kara and her twin brother were born to a labor colony. Her brother had the fortune to become a construction worker to help build starships for civilians and military, but Kara on the other hand, was a miner. From age sixteen to ninteen, she spent every day in low quality conditions, with no pay, but provided housing for herbrother and her, as well as free nutrient supplements for her work.

Seeing as she occasionally came home injured, and they often had to dig into the fund he was setting aside for emergencies in order to keep them fed when she was incapable of working, he decided he wanted a better life for her. There were little options for them, but they snuck onto a cargo freighter, taking supplies to a colony on the edge of the milky way, and from there, they went hopping from ship to ship, until they found them...

A man offered them better lives. He had pure white hair, and he was only a bit older than them, by a few years, but he had a scar in his wrist from having ripped out his ID chip humans were given at birth. He offered them a place among the enemy of the human society, an alien race bent on destroying the human way of life. Her brother had no interest in it, but Kara.. Kara had plans.

They were taken across deep space to a different galaxy, where her brother was assigned to a captain as an adviser, though she was put to work around the ship as a common crew worker. Her brother had soon gained position as a captain of his own, through very good advice to the captain they belonged to. It took a while, but he was eventually given his own ship, though Kara was left to remain on the original ship, the Kir-Ra'shi. Kara had her last straw when she was called weak, and fragile. She smacked him in the back of the head with a metal pole, this creature which was twice her height, and a much higher muscle ratio. She ran out of the room, but immediately slammed the airlock on him, trapping him inside. Finding the captain stuck, she gouged his eye out, and declared herself captain or the ship. She went unquestioned, and she soon became respected and known as the only captain the ship ever had. This respect came from the incredible sense of family and unity she created within her crew.

Despite only working personal jobs, making no personal attacks on the human colonies, she is entirely gone from the sweet little girl she once was. The girl that around her mining colony was known as loving, and brought people rocks she thought looked pretty. No, she was no longer that child. She had become the captain of the Kir-Ra'shi, and a known threat that the human military would put down, at the first chance they get.