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Full Name: Unkown

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Sexual Orientation: Homosexual


There’s a legend that is spoken to those who listened. About a Knight who had honor and grace. It has been said that he was a strong knight, from birth they said, he was to protect a princess. The two were meant to be inseparable, though the knight was years older than the princess. The two grew up becoming closer together and were to be bound by one another. He would protect and fight for his princess. This knight was said to be unstoppable knowing how to wield just about any weapon. On the battlefield he could not be stopped, and would strike down any opponent. They said he had the power of the gods on his side. Protected by their grace. That was until one fateful night, the knight was drawn out by an opponent who boasted about being stronger than this knight. That he would be able to strike down this great knight. The two clashed swords, and by surprise the honorable knight fell to the enemy’s blade. Using magic and trickery, leaving the wounded warrior on the ground to bleed. He pleaded out to the princess to run, and she did as she was told until she was captured. The princess called out to her dear knight to save her, but the mortal wound left him wounded there to die. They say the last sight of was his dear princess crying out to him was the last he remembered before he closed his eyes. Though the knight was awoken in a sunny meadow, where the gods took mercy on the righteous knight. He continues to roam looking for his princess hoping to return her. What the legend missed out, was that this knight was a woman, and though she did die. She was sent to the nether realm making a deal with an evil demon. All she wanted to do was to live again, to find her princess no matter what it took. The deal was sweet to her ears, eternal life to be with her princess to find her at any cost, but she must have her memories and regret eat at her conscience, and the mortal wound never healing, only reopening and reliving that last chapter in her life. What she also doesn’t know if the princess is still alive, or even if she was in the right time. Since she was put back into her body, she has no memory of who the princess is, and even about her own life. Fragments come back slowly, but she has hardly any memory of who she was and who she is searching for. The demon meant to keep that out of the bargain. What she remembered and what she knew was that the kingdom had fallen and no more of the kingdom she fought for. So she wanders as a warrior, without a penny to her name. Just almost an empty husk of a body wandering the lands. (An FYI if you read to this point. This character is a work in progress, and would love to develop with someone willing to play a princess or who is. The relationship they have can be romantic, platonic(Super close), or one sided(Obviously the knight). I would even like male or female characters to help go along with this as well. I only leave the princess part open for those who want to rp with this cursed warrior's past. I'm hoping so and will enjoy writing with whoever comes across this profile.)