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Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Historical, Modern, Mystery, Paranormal/Supernatural, Romance

Ͼσϻρʌssισπʌτε Gυʌꝛᴅιʌπ

Full Name: Chuubou Sonken

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual


Background (Reboot): Chuubou is a student at Nanyō and the cousin of Hakufu Sonsaku. Known as a compassionate and tender soul, Chuubou dislikes fighting, but will support her classmates and friends in the school competitions. Enrolled by her parents, after learning about Hakufu's presence there, Chuubou dedicates herself to her studies, but also, to her minimal training. It is said she houses a power she has yet to tap into. One that even Ryomou, wishes she would embrace, instead of dismissing. Appearance Chubou is a very beautiful, and graceful girl. She has very long back length, light brown hair, which she wears a bonet in. Her hair is also long enough to cover her forehead as well. She is usually seen wearing a light green small vest, and a dark green sundress, a small short sleeved dress shirt and a ribbon on the collar. Personality Chubou is shown to be a very gentle girl, as she never actually fights even once. She is also shown to be very kind, as she is very nice to everyone she meets, be it an old or new comrade.