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Son of the Storm

Full Name: Takenaka Yoshiro

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Universe(s): [LFRP] - Looking For Role-Play

About the storm
Storms are very power and very dangerous. Trapping anything and everything within it, soon destroying it with it's might. To stand within the heart of the storm usually proves to be very foolish. However. One human woman took the risk of standing within the heart of a storm, and she managed to tame the storm to an extent. That storm being Susano, God of the Summer Storm. Susano had his own inner storm that he was trying to deal with. He is a raging summer storm, struggling to focus that destructive power at evil, and atoning when the innocent are harmed. What made him calm and loving to this human woman, no one will know for he doesn't speak of it. But she'd tamed him enough to be able to love her, and in the time of their union, she bore him a son they named Yoshiro. Yoshiro grew up a fairly normal boy, not seeming to have his father's raging and stormy temper. But that was because Yoshiro took most of his mother's traits. However. It was learned that when Yoshiro would become angry and enraged, that he showed to be his father's son. Beautiful emerald green eyes would turn to dark gray-white, the storm power seen within his eyes, and Yoshiro was an uncontrollable force. A special eye covering was created for Yoshiro to wear, which kept his storm powers in check. Yoshiro would train with this eye cover and learned how to use his power without being explosive with them. When in rage mode Yoshiro is able to use his power, but unless the eye cover is removed then he cannot use his power to their full extent. This ended up being a good way for Yoshiro to be able to fight safely, as he would only remove the eye cover when he deemed it absolutely necessary. Rarely has anyone seen his eyes, since he keeps the cover on them. Yoshiro doesn't remove the cover from his eyes, as it allows him to see as if he wasn't wearing the cover. Though many were unaware of this and would assume that he was a blind man. Yoshiro would use that to his advantage many times, but only if it was for good reason. Such as bandits attempting to rob him, etc. Yoshiro doesn't see his father often these days, but when he does the two train long and hard together. Yoshiro has no ill will towards his father for not always being around, as he understands his father and the reasoning for doing what he does. Susano was actually the reason that Yoshiro would set out on his own so that he too could be of help to the world and its people. Yoshiro doesn't speak of his family to anyone, not wanting anyone to know that he is the son of Susano. Most simply just assume he is a blind human. Some will think he is a demon with storm power when he is in rage mode and uses his storm power. None so far, have figured out the truth.
Basics about the storm
Name: Takenaka Yoshiro Name meaning: Means "dweller amongst bamboo", from Japanese 竹 (take) meaning "bamboo" and 中 (naka) meaning "middle". Variant transcription of Yoshirou. Pronounced: tah-ke-nah-kah yo-shee-ro Age appearance: Late twenties, early thirties True age: Unknown Handiness: Right hand Race/Species: Demi God Appearance Gender: Male Ethnicity: Asian Nationality: Japanese Hair color: Raven feathered black with whiteish-gray streaks in the front Eye color: Emerald green (normal/rarely seen), dark gray-white (rage mode) Height: 5'9" Body type: Muscled Personality Traits: Callous, cool-headed to a fault, level-headed to a fault, honorable, loyal, steadfast, honorable, chivalrous, headstrong, calm before the storm, stubborn, humble, blunt, stern, fierce fighter. Weakness: When he is in rage mode, he is like his father. Tempestuous with a flaring anger. Family Father: Susano Grandfather: Izanagi Mother: Unnamed human of the Takenaka family (deceased) Aunt: Amaterasu Professional Status Affiliation: None Job/Occupation: Wanderer, freelancer, mercenary Combat Power over: Storms Weapon: Long handle cleaver Weapon (other): Brass knuckles ring Weapon specialties: Cannot be broken, chipped, or damaged easily. Does not dull or rust. Can cut through: bone, iron, steel. Possess: Enhanced strength, enhanced senses, enhanced endurance, enhanced speed, enhanced combat, elongated life. Rage mode: This is the only time he can tap into his storm powers. It takes him time to slip into a rage, but when he does then he can activate any storm ability of his. However. Unless he removes the cover over his eyes, then he cannot use his storm power to its full extent. Miscellaneous☪ Smoke/drink/other: No/no/no Tat's/pierce/other: No/yes/no Languages Spoken: Japanese & English Magic item: Eye cover that he wears to keep his storm powers in check when in rage mode, which can happen at any given time. He doesn't need to remove it to see, for it allows him to see without removing the cover.