Rules of the Role-Players Guild

1. Images

Though RPG does not enjoy limiting the creative efforts of our users, we do have to note that particular types of images are not allowed in any way on this website. This includes but is not limited to being uploaded to your character’s picture album, displayed on your layout and links provided on your layout.

Images that violate our rules include, but are not limited to, images that feature the following content:

  • Blatant nudity.
    • Focusing on or displaying of any genitals.
    • Fully bare breasts.
  • Lewdly suggestive imagery.
  • Excessive gore.
  • Sex acts of any kind.
  • Feces / Urine.

2. Communication Etiquette

It is expected from all members that communications be kept cordial and well-mannered. When contacting another member in pursuit of Role-Play, it is also expected that members be attentive and aware of the recipient’s preferences as listed on their profile.

2.1. Harassment/Bullying

Under no circumstances is hazing, bullying, harassment or any form of those acts acceptable towards the community of RPG. Each incident will require evidence via private threads through screenshots and to be sent to a Moderator with an explanation of why the problem started and why it escalated, if it did.

Complaints that fall under this category are handled on a situational basis. Examples of this kind of harassment include repeating unwelcomed advances, excessive vulgarity, threats of any kind, etc.. Not only is this limited to the individual of the receiving end, but also those who witness.

While these issues can be deterred by simply blocking an individual, it should not go unnoticed, nor should any member feel that the staff members don’t care to look into any issue presented to them.

2.2. Unsolicited Mature Content

While misunderstandings can be easily cleared up or explained, sending unsolicited mature content to users is considered blatant harassment. Any complaints received in regards to this kind of unsolicited communication are taken very seriously and can likely result in punishment without warning or notice.

This will also extend to character types. Characters that are explicitly advertising or requesting for mature content on their pages fall under this category.

Mature Content in this context includes, but is not limited to: Erotica, Gore, Fetishes and Foul Language.

Display names are included in this rule and users should avoid using any vulgar language in display names.

2.3. Bypassing Blocks

Blocking is a choice of any user at any time. Anyone can block you for any reason they see fit at any moment. You do not have a say in this, nor are you owed any kind of explanation.

If you are blocked and are found to be using any method, outside of an existing thread shared between yourself and the other person, to contact that person (within the functional confines of RPG), this is considered a serious form of harassment and can result in an immediate ban from the site without warning. This includes but is not limited to creating new accounts, using a friend to relay messages, using any other site features to post a message to that person.

If a friend asks you to deliver a message to a person who has them blocked. Do not do it, it may result in both of you being banned from the site. Just respect the block and move on.

3. Public Areas

The public communication areas of RPG are meant to bring about a closer interaction to the community outside of the exclusivity of private threads. Blatant sexual acts and excessive gore should be kept out of these environments. We encourage the writers of RPG to pursue any genre they like, however, and if something becomes a bit too difficult to read, we also encourage that readers exercise the use of the Blocking feature or simply disable the stream via their settings.

Any incidents that tread upon any of the listed rules and their contents apply to these areas, as well.

Problems between members of RPG (staff or otherwise) should never be addressed within the stream, but should instead be taken to private threads.

If applicable, content ratings should always be considered when participating in a public area.

Members are expected to pay attention to the type of area they are entering. Most areas should be considered to be In Character by default, while Out of Character areas should be labeled clearly.

3.1. Articles/Chat Rooms/Universes

Any articles that break any existing content rules or are in any way considered inflammatory, will be deleted without notice or warning. As such, all of these items should also hold some literary value. Listings of these kind that are used for non-literary purposes and are not officially sanctioned by the RPG staff will also be removed without warning. If you find that something you created has been deleted, please feel free to use the reporting feature to get more information about why your content was deleted.

4. Character Types

While we encourage writers to pursue all desires in regards to who and what they wish to roleplay as, there are some restrictions that we must make in the nature of some character types.

These types of characters are subject to deletion before receiving any form of warning, request or reason given beforehand.

4.1. Real Life

Any use of a ‘real life’ individual is prohibited. Examples include, but are not limited to: Actors, Musicians, Models, Historical Figures, etc

We also ask that writers, for their own safety, refrain from using images of themselves to role-play on RPG.

Use of these kinds of individuals in the form of play-bys, however, is completely acceptable. Likewise, role-playing as characters portrayed by actors who share the same name, e.g., Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is also acceptable, as long as the character is the one being played and not the actor behind said character.

4.2. Fake/Joke Profiles

Profiles made solely in the purpose for ‘Trolling’, to be offensive or contain offensive content can be requested to be removed by staff or deleted by staff without warning. Profiles that are meant for true comedic purpose are safe from this, as long as the content and purpose stays within the guidelines for all serious profiles.

4.3. Erotica Profiles

Profiles made solely in the pursuit of erotica will need to hold literary value and not hold content that falls under Rule 2.2’s warning against Unsolicited Mature Content. Character profiles of this type are subject to being locked out of the community and reviewed by staff. Staff will reach out to the owner of the character profile, explain why and offer a solution.

After the issue with the character page is corrected, the owner of the character page will need to request a review from staff via the ‘Report’ feature for the character page to be unlocked.

If you are concerned about your profile violating this rule, a quick suggestion is that if you cannot deliver the content without being vulgar, you should simply leave it blank and prompt the visitors to ask you directly for the details you want to relay on your profile.

4.4. Minors

Depiction of minors in any blatantly sexual, lewd or suggestive manner, in the form of any visual or literary representation in public areas is prohibited.

4.5. Out Of Character Pages

Profiles made solely for OOC purposes are not allowed. OOC info pertaining to particular characters should be included in the offered ‘Additional Information’ section of the character profile. Content not pertaining to any character in particular should be displayed using the ‘Writer’s Profile’ included with every account.

Accounts determined to be for this purpose will be marked for review. Any profiles marked for review are subject to deletion within 30 days if they are not properly addressed.

Parody accounts are exempt from this rule and should clearly be labeled for use in the ‘Comedy’ genre.

4.6. Duplicate Pages

As this is not a 'Character Type' per se, duplicate pages are a nuisance and an understandable mistake from the user. Thus, RPG staff holds the right to lock duplicate pages of one character made on sight.

5. Separation of Real Life and Role-Play

Members of RPG are expected to clearly understand and practice the ability to split Real Life from the fiction of Role-Play. Members who cannot do this may be considered for silencing in public areas or possible banning, as RPG feels this is an unhealthy practice and counterproductive to growing as a writer.

5.1. Sharing Personal Information

Personal information is prohibited on writer profiles and character pages, including but not limited to:

  • Personal photos.
  • Age.
  • Name.
  • Place of living.

6. Warnings and Punishments

It should be understood that these rules should be considered a first and only warning to members of the site. Staff members reserve the right to execute punishment without any prior warnings or notifications given to a member breaking these rules.

6.1. Bans and Shared Network(s)

Under more extreme circumstances, the Role-Players Guild may see it as necessary to lock out a banned user's IP address. While we understand that this may result in the cutting off of other writers using the same IP, RPG considers that concern to be a necessary consideration and responsibility of the user and possibly the other users who are affected by the actions of the banned user.

6.2. Profile Locks

Profiles locked and sent to review must be fixed within 30 days. If changes that violated rule are not made and re-submitted within 30 days, these profiles will be deleted.

Profile locks can occur without notice. It is the responsibility of the user to research the rules when a profile is locked to determine how they should fix their profile.