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WORK IN PROGRESS DOWN BELOW! |GREETING FROM ADMIN!| [Welcome everyone! I am MuseOfManyMasks! I would personally like to thank you for coming to my page and taking the time to look around at my characters! I have been roleplaying for some time, and as such, it has become a true passionate hobby of mine! My hope is that we can craft together some compelling and exciting stories together! Vivid, lively, and detailed stories that immerse us into the world of our characters! Like anything in entertainment, the only limit, is your imagination. So, let's run wild together and see what comes from our minds! Looking forward to roleplaying with you all!] HERE COMES A NEW CHARACTER!!!! Risky Boots, from the Shantae Series, has joined the roster! Profile Link: http://www.roleplayersguild.com/Character/?id=44226 Infamous and nefarious, Risky Boots is the arch-nemesis of Shantae, and the Captain over the Tinkerbat Pirate Crew! She is devious, cunning, and willing to do just what needs to be done, so long as she gets what she wants in the end. Skilled blade master and gun-toting expert, she has given Shantae a run for her money in numerous encounters. Even going as far as to steal Shantae's power and create a negative version of the Half-Genie Hero. Looking for some adventures on the high seas with a seafaring cutthroat? Look no further than no good, double-dealing, Risky Boots! HERE COMES A NEW CHARACTER!!!! Rouge the Bat, from the Sonic The Hedgehog series, has joined the roster! Profile Link: http://www.roleplayersguild.com/Character/?id=44226 Originally believed to be a villainous treasure hunter, Rouge was later discovered to be a government agent working for the President. Rouge once worked under Dr. Eggman as a double agent, learning about Project SHADOW and the Space Colony Ark origins. After the events of Sonic Adventure 2, Rouge resigned as an agent, and ventured off in pursuit of the world's greatest treasures. Occasionally, she has been known to help aid Sonic and Company in thwarting Dr. Eggman's world domination schemes, for the right price, and has become more of an anti-heroine within the context of the main video game and comic book series. Rouge currently stands as the tenth most popular character in the series, which marks her as second most popular female character, next to Amy Rose. Need a good story? She'll give you one! For the right price, of course~ HERE COMES A NEW CHARACTER!!!! Sailor Venus from the Sailor Moon series, has joined the roster! Profile Link: http://www.roleplayersguild.com/Character/?id=44264 Known as a television superstar, Sailor Venus defends the world alongside the rest of the Sailor Scouts, from interplanetary dark forces! She became a world-renowned icon under the guise of the superheroine alias, Sailor V. Battling against her enemies with her Venus Chain, she punishes evil in the name of Love! Some find it disturbing how alike both she and Sailor Moon are, especially in terms of personality. Come and join this superstar heroine in some epic adventures today! HERE COMES A NEW CHARACTER!!!! Soki, from Onimusha: Dawn Of Dreams, has joined the roster! Profile Link: http://www.roleplayersguild.com/Character/?id=44290 Hideyasu "Sōki" Yūki, also known as the Oni of the Ash, was once the second eldest son of Ieyasu Tokugawa. Disowned by his biological father, Soki was later adopted by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Becoming an Oni Warrior, Soki sets off on a quest to destroy the Genma Trees and restore peace to all Japan. Alongside his allies, he battles against those who would use the power of the Genma Demons. He is a formidable opponent, powerful and precise, and known to fight as a true "demon" himself. Referred to by the townsfolk as "Kaijin No Soki", he is considered both a hero, and a terrifying swordsman. Battle alongside him, and you have a strong ally! Go against him...well, may not end so well for you. Come and slay some demons with this heroic Oni Warrior! [PROFILE LAYOUT STATUS!] Currently, I am working on bettering my layout to be more snazzy and packed with pizzazz! This process is a slow, but steady one. Please, do be patient if I have days where I am on, but am not responding. Thank you~!

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